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Name:Shinjiro Aragaki
Birthdate:Jan 1
Shinjiro Aragaki
The Hierophant | The Tarnished Knight


Always the Outsider
Ever since he was small, Shinjiro's never quite fit in. He's always protected himself with crass comments and callous remarks. Some would say it was to keep people from becoming too close, others would say he never learned how to work as a team. Regardless of the reason, Shinjiro comes off as spiteful and uncaring to most people he interacts with. He has a biting sarcasm that shows itself at the least opportune times, and an apparent inability to accept praise as well. Most compliments are shrugged off by more callousness and abandon, unless you happen to be one of his closest friends.

Shinjiro rarely allows people to become close to him at all, but of he decides he cares about you, he'll defend you to the ends of the Earth.

A Willing Sacrifice
Shinjiro's Persona is Castor, and representative of his role as "the one who dies". In Greek Myth, Castor, twin brother to Pollux (or Polydeuces, Akihiko's starting Persona), died during a battle due to a spear wound to the chest, represented by the spear head through the Persona's chest whenever it's summoned. When Castor died, Pollux requested to share his immortality with his mortal brother and they were turned into the constellation Gemini.

Castor - The Persona
Castor is a Persona of the Heirophant Arcana. Heirophants have not elemental weaknesses, but neither do they possess any elemental strengths. Shinjiro is a straightforward fighter, and this is reflected in his Persona as well. Castor has no elemental attacks, relying on physical attacks instead. Most are either bashing or slashing damage. For more information on his Persona's abilities and descriptions of what that would mean in game, click here.
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