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[Shinjiro walks from his closet into the view of the camera carrying what looks like a webcam. He heaves a sigh and tosses the thing on his bed and picks up the device...

...and swears under his breath when he notices it's already on.

Fine, smartass. You wanna turn on? Tch. Whatever.

[His eyes focus on the feed finally.]

Yuu, thanks. You know why.

[There's another, longer pause.]

So, a lotta people know this place makes you forget stuff, right? What do you guys do to try to remember?

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[ Shinjiro has kept himself locked away in his room for the past day, alternately pacing, growling, and throwing random tantrums that ended with cartons of milk strewn about his room from the closet and other similar refuse of vain attempts at slaking his hunger.

He's kept calm simply by reminding himself this was all the mansion, as Arisato had told him, this was someone's memory, and it would all be over.

...but when? He doesn't know how much longer he can take this.

When he speaks, there's a low, inhuman growl behind his words.

It's one of those event things, right? How the fuck long do they last, anyway?


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